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You draw, Silex does the tattoo.

Join the first crowdsourced tattoo performance.

Bring players together to collaborate on a unique piece of art

that will be tattooed live

and put on exhibition in Beaubourg
art gallery in Paris

You control your pixels

The look of any of the 4773 pixels are controlled by owners during the creation phase.

Mint Pass

Owning a NFT will give you acess to vote in the NBAYC DAO.

You'll be able to claim a free tattoo from Silex, and 10 people will get a free flight ticket to meet the team in Paris and take part in the documentary.

The Rules

1. We're going to tattoo our friend Jimmy's back. It's a grid of 60x80 pixels (30x40 cm).

2. Pixels have 4 states: no ink, dots, black or red ink.

3. Players can choose their pixels color on the grid, and the collaborative artpiece will be tattooed live when the game is done.

4. Try to collaborate with each other: you can do great art or just troll and create chaos.

The Meaning

The first creative pixel-art experiment with decentralized self-management.

A unique experience that allows you to create the most expensive tattoo in history.

A unique masterpiece that questions the artwork ownership between those who create, the one who tattooes, the one who's getting tattooed.

A historic project that will forever mark art on the web 3.0.

Now you can own and design the first Non-Fungible Tattoo.
You can make history.

The Team


French crypto-designer, street-artist and tattooer. He loves exploring new horizons and pushing the limits of his art.

Instagram - Twitter


Content creator, digital composer and globetrotter. Always on top of the trends, he's been creating magical experiences for years.

Instagram - Twitter


Mysterious man that wants to become the new Mona Lisa and have its body displayed at le Louvre. Above all, he's our friend and teammate.



NFT specialist. Part time bad actor, full time Creature lover.

Médéric Salles


Web3, AI, Tech & Innovation enthousiast, passionate about new usages allowed by the BlockChain.

The Trailer

The grid is inked, a white page is born

The Process

Act I

The canvas is tattooed on Jimmy

His back is inked with the exterior contour of the grid.
A white page to start the adventure.

Act II

4773 NFT pixels go on sale

The grid has opened, mint early to get the best looking spots.


Players can draw on their pixels

Using tools on the grid interface, collaborating with the community and pixel-artists, players will join forces to create the perfect Non-Fungible Tattoo.

Act IV

The grid is blocked

After a week, or earlier if players decide by consensus to validate the artwork, the grid gets locked.

Act V

Live tattoo performance

Silex tattooes the final artwork on Jimmy. Not the easiest part for both of them, but we promise you'll have fun watching :-)

Act VI

The grid is exposed

Exhibition in Paris with press coverage. New York exhibition TBA


Who is Silex?

Silex is a French tattoo artist who's also been a street artist (@silexproject) and a digital designer. He's always been passionate about art, computers, prehistory,... he loves to create new stuff and take part in exciting projects.
Recently he and his team launched the NBAYC NFT collection.

What's his artistic background and how did he become tattoo artist?

Silex started his carreer in web product design, and around the same time he discovered street-art. He got addicted to tattoos since his first one 10 years ago, a QR code on his arm that links to his website. At that moment he knew he wanted to become a tattooer, and that's what he's been up to for the last few years.

How is tattoo history connected to NFTs?

Tattooing has always been present in all regions of the globe, used to identify people, mark their social rank... In the last couple of decades, the internet culture has played a big role in the emergence of new tattoo styles. We wanna bring tattoos into the metaverse and create new kinds of digital experiences.

How did you come up with the idea?

In the past years we've seen a lot of creative ways of reinventing the tattoo, but it's always been a two-person relationship. We were brainstorming ideas about building community experiences around tattoos, bringing more people into the process. We came up with the simple concept of putting pixels, the base of all digital arts, on someone's back and let people pick their colors. The idea was so exciting that we had to do it!

What are the rules?

The game is simple : we're going to tattoo our friend Jimmy's back. It's a grid of 60x80 pixels (30x40 cm) and those pixels can be of 4 different states : no ink, dots, black or red ink. Players with pixels will choose how they'll look. We wanna see how they can collaborate with each other, do great art or just troll and create chaos. It's up to them.

Why 4773 pixels?

60*80 pixels - 27 pixels that go on top of moles = 4773 pixels in total that players can customize!

What if the grid looks like shit?

What do you call shit? We think all kind of artwork is acceptable if it comes from the community, so even if it "looks like shit"... well we're still going to tattoo it!

Do you think this will encourage other artists to move onto NFTs?

With this kind of artistic performance, we wanna bring excitment to people like tattoo artists, street artists, photographers, to join the NFT world because this is a place for all of us.

Are you guys doing it for real?

Of course we're going to do it! Or Jimmy will just have an empty rectangle on his back...